Who are the worst tippers?

I recently stumbled across a post from The Friendly Atheist and it brought me back to my days as a waiter. Basically, the worst customers for tipping are Christians. Come to think of it, I probably hated serving Sunday brunch for that reason. All I can remember was service breakfast/lunch or brunch sucked because you basically had to serve more coffee, there were more plates because of the toast and it always took longer to clean up after customers left. I always attributed the lower tips to lower sales because breakfasts were only about $6 a person. So, even if you use a 10% rule, that’s only .60 cents a person.

Best tippers I can remember were gays and wives. Hubbies, if your wife is out with her lady friends and you are a shitty tipper… I can guarantee she is making up for your stinginess you cheap bastards!

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