Change in lifestyle

Back in the fall of 2012, I started getting heartburn and it was night and day.  At night I it was so bad that I thought I was dying.  Really!  Started doing the whole WebMD thing, self diagnosing, etc.  Went into the doctor and was prescribed Zantac.  That still didn’t help and I went back in and this time was prescribed a proton pump inhibitor.  This actually worked quite well except I noticed that I started gaining weight. I stopped looking at my weight when I hit 205lbs, but I suspect I hit at least 210lbs. I couldn’t live with the heartburn, and there was no way I wanted anything to do with the P.P.I. crap.

So, I needed to lose some weight. I wasn’t an unhealthy eater, didn’t go out to fast food restaurants and didn’t eat out much, so eating healthy wasn’t a concern. I was going to lose weight the old fashion way, I hit the gym, and specifically the stationary bikes.  I started doing Les Mills RPM at GoodLife Fitness at least 5 days a week every day at noon hour.  I continued to play soccer a couple of times a week, but it was only for about 25-25 minutes of playing time. Before I knew it, I had dropped down to 193lbs.  I had also installed MyFitnessPal android app on my phone to record my progress and watch my calories.  To be quite honest though, I didn’t really change the meals I was eating, I was just watching the late night snacks specifically cereals and watched my sugar intake.

Before FrontBefore Side

After about a month of doing nothing but RPM and watching my calories, I incorporated more routines from GoodLife Fitness.  I started doing CXWORX at least twice a week.  When I first started the class, I could barely do 5 sit ups and I don’t think I could hold a plank for anything more than 20 seconds.  I kept at it though and the results have been fantastic.  Considering my wife had just become a instructor in BODYPUMP, I started doing Pump a few times a week as well. 

As summer rolled around, I started doing 2 workouts a day and started playing outdoor soccer.  I was burning calories like crazy!  I bottomed out at 179lb.  But just because I had lost my goal weight and more, I stated doing BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT.  Initially, I shied away from those classes as there wasn’t many men taking the classes.  But when I looked at all the plyometric work that was going on in those classes, I had to give it a shot.  First BODYATTACK class I did, my calves where killing me for 4 days!  First Combat class, and I was sore in my arms and back.  I viewed this pain as a good thing.

Doing all these workouts, I wanted some downtime, but I also needed to increase my flexibility and I started going to BODYFLOW about once a week.  Again, those classes had mostly women in them, so there was an intimidation factor for me to take the class.  Actually, my first class was when I had to video record my wife for her submission video to become a BODYFLOW instructor.

After FrontAfter Side

So far, since I started down this path 130 days ago, I have lost over 30lbs, trimmed my waist over 8 inches, and gone down from a snug 34 inch jean to a loose 32 inch jean.  I have also found playing soccer more enjoyable again as I find I am able to do things that I could only do when I was younger… specifically run around like a mad man for 90 minutes!

New product from Apple… introducing the iCrap

Apple, along with the next release of iPad will be releasing a new product that you can use in your home. The product is called iCrap. The product will be used in your bathroom and will replace your current toilet. It will have much of the same features as your normal toilet, but the shine on the iCrap is much more crisp than your normal toiler while Apple claims that you won’t get that shit smell after you crap. The retail price is 3x your normal toilet. Apple fans are expected to camp out over night to get the new product… but there are also rumors that Apple is already working on the next gen version of the product called iPortaCrap. This product will allow you to take a crap on the go. So while you wait in lines for the new Apple products… instead of defecating in the streets, you can do your business in the iPortaCrap.

That is just gross

Okay, I am not in high school anymore. I work in a professional environment. So, why is there 5 fairly new boogies in the male washroom proudly displayed over the toilet? I am thinking it was more than one person, cause 5 boogers? Not in one sitting I wouldn’t think. I had to share with someone. I guess that is the way the culprit felt as well.

What are the 10 albums you couldn’t do without?

List the your 10 favourite albums of all-time. The rules are:
They can’t be live albums
They can’t be “Best of”
Only one album per band/solo career(ie. Black Sabbath or Ozzy Osbourne, not one from each)

Here is my list and in order:
1. Metallica – Master of Puppets
2. Nine Inch Nails – The Downward Spiral
3. Tool – Aenima
4. White Zombie – Astro Creep 2000
5. Slayer – Reign in Blood
6. Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against the Machine
7. Black Sabbath – Paranoid
8. Van Halen – 1984
9. AC/DC – Back in Black
10. Megadeth – So far, So Good… So What!

How to train your beagle not to act like a beagle

If you are here to get some wisdom on how to train your beagle not to do the stupid things that he is bread to do… well, I am sorry to say, I have nothing for you.

Last night, my dog at 2:30 am heard a raccoon or bear outside. My idiot of a dog goes running around the house barking and howling like a fool. Have you heard a beagle bark and howl? Here is a clip of him doing it. Then imaging being woken up by that at 2:30 in the morning. Because of the echo that it generates, I actually thought we forgot him outside and he was asking us to come in. Nope! A small creature was in the yard. That was enough to set him off.

As far as training tips go, use treats. Get some training collars (electric fence, remote train, bark, etc). Most dogs with those collars take about 2 weeks to train. A beagle on the other hand… the training is somewhat ongoing. They are stubborn and smart… so, they will go back to being beagles and doing things as they please the minute you give them an inch.

Overall, the beagle is really lovable. Great with kids and loves being around people. But they are hunters, and their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. So, they will chase down anything. They are also quite strong for a smaller dog. My dog is around 27 lbs, and he nearly ripped my wife’s arm off when she took him for a walk and he decided to chase something. He also had porcupine quills in his nose last week that I had to remove by myself. I basically had to lay down on him and he was still lifting me off the floor. In the end, I place a towel over his eyes and got the last couple out. I gave him a treat at the end of it and all was forgotten… I am sure if he sees that porcupine again, he will attempt to sniff his ass again.