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Oracle Mobile Server and Oracle’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform MEAP

September 24th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Here is a look at Oracle’s MEAP (Mobile Enterprise Application Platform)

With Oracle putting so much effort into ADF and Berkeley DB, developing scalable and reliable mobile applications in a rapid fashion never was quite this simple.  Oracle has replaced Oracle Lite with Berkeley DB and the gains there are in performance of the client database itself and a much smaller footprint.  Oracle is also expanding support of the devices that the Mobile Server will synchronize with.  Now with ADF Mobile Client and enhancements to JDeveloper to allow for deploying mobile applications through the IDE, Oracle has made a one-stop-shop of all your development needs.  Due to all this new technology coming into play, look for a lot more posts on this blog to keep you up-to-date on the evolution of the products.  I will be providing information on Synchronization, Mobile ADF Client, and Berkeley DB.  Also, I will be providing article on migration roadmaps from your exiting Oracle Lite, Webtogo, and Branch Office applications.

Here is a list of components and what they do:

Oracle Mobile Server: Provides database synchronization with data subsetting, application provisioning, and remote device management.  The Mobile Server also comes with the development and packaging tools required to deploy mobile applications.

Oracle Berkeley DB: The mobile device database and now with the added support of SQL92 compatibility.

Oracle ADF Mobile Client: Oracle’s Application Development Framework now ported to mobile devices in a client format.

Oracle JDeveloper: Oracle’s Java IDE that ties everything together for the application developers.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions through the Contact Me link.  Or just comment to this blog post.


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  • 1 Mark Gentile wrote on Oct 18, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Great piece on how the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform available from Oracle is changing mobility in the enterprise. I also enjoyed watching the Oracle ADF Mobile & BlackBerry Field Service Demo video. The move to support Berkeley DB on mobile platforms is huge and the integration with JDeveloper is great for developer productivity. I like the way ADF supports both client and browser based mobile application development allowing you to choose the right approach based upon your requirements, yet still retain the native look-and-feel of the mobile platform. At Odyssey Software (my company) we are seeing more and more of our enterprise customers are being pressured from many angles. The need to reduce the total cost of ownership of managing a mobile workforce that has a variety of devices, many of which are employee owned, creates significant challenges. I can see how MEAP can help with some aspects of this. We focus on mobility from a device management and security angle, addressing other aspects of TCO. Often we integrate our mobile device management capabilities directly into existing mobile or systems management infrastructure and can see synergies with integration with MEAP. I look forward to additional postings on your mobile software stack. Thanks for the article!

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