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Changes to Oracle Lite Database components coming

August 4th, 2010 · 2 Comments

Before you read too far into the note, this is note for the decommissioning or the Oracle Lite Database Client. The server, sync, and device manager along with the development tools are still being developed. The client database will be Oracle Berkeley DB with SQL support via SQLite. Basically, if you are on Webtogo or the Branch Office, these deployments will be in maintenance (which means no new development) .

Oracle Database Lite client sunsetting announcement [ID 1124003.1]
Applies to:
Oracle Lite – Version: to – Release: 10.0 to 10.3

Information in this document applies to any platform.
What is being announced?
We are announcing changes to the Oracle Database Lite product.

Some components will be shifted to maintenance mode, while others will continue to be actively developed and enhanced.

The Oracle Lite Client Database, as well as Branch Office and the Web-to-Go components, will be moved to maintenance mode.
The core underlying framework, including the Mobile Sync Client and Server, Device Manager and the Mobile Device Workbench, will continue to be actively developed.

Oracle Database Lite will be removed from the pricelist at the end of Q2FY11 (end of November 2010).
What do you need to do?
The primary product Oracle recommends to replace the Lite Client Database is the Oracle Berkeley Database, which is a fast, highly scalable, embeddable, transactional database.

Berkeley DB has been enhanced with SQL support (SQLite SQL), in addition to its traditional key/value store interface. This is for situations where the customer requires a lightweight embedded database, with the ability to synchronize with the Oracle Database.

In situations where a multiuser database server is required, such as in existing Branch Office configurations, Oracle Standard Edition One is the recommended alternative. However, these products do not overlap 100%, so some application changes may be required.

In cases where customers are using Web-to-Go on the client side to run JAVA Servlets, the customer will need to replace Web-to-Go with a Servlet container of their choosing. Oracle is not offering an official mobile Servlet container at this time.

Who to contact for more information?
Oracle Database Lite will continue to be supported by the Oracle Support Team. For release 10.3, Premier Support will continue until December 2012. After that, Extended Support will continue until the end of 2015.

During both the Premier and Extended Support phases, Oracle Sustaining Engineering will provide program updates, fixes, security alerts, and critical patch updates to Oracle Database Lite customers. As with all Oracle products, support is available indefinitely to customers who purchase Lifetime Support.

Those customers will continue to have access to Oracle’s repository of security alerts, patches, solutions, and other documentation. Lifetime Support will be available beyond 2015, for as long as necessary.

For more information regarding the Oracle Support Policy, please refer to the Technical Support Policies page:


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    the sql statements are may be join with each another.

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    the sql statements may be join with each another

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