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What is a Oracle Lite developer made of?

September 21st, 2009 · No Comments

So, you are starting an IT project and there is a need for a disconnected component and you require Oracle Lite for your project.  What do you do?  Most people seem to dump the responsibility on the DBA.  Probably not the best move.  Not because they can’t handle the technology, but because they are often far too busy on their day-to-day responsibilities to deal with learning Oracle Lite and properly implementing it into your project.  How about the .Net or Java guy/gal?  Maybe, if they have extensive Oracle SQL tuning experience.  As a project lead you head to your recruiting department and you ask for them to find someone with Oracle Lite experience.  Don’t be surprised they don’t find a lot of people with Oracle Lite skills or to the level of experience your project may require.  Then, how do you go about interviewing this person and identifying if they are the right candidate.

How do you find the right person.

  • Obviously ask them how many projects they have worked on with Oracle Lite or how many years they have working with the product.  Standard question for any technology.
  • Ask them the size and scope of the project (users/publications/publication items).
  • What technologies within Oracle Lite did they use?  Win32, WinCE, OC4J, Webtogo, Symbian, etc.
  • For the more advanced questions, you could ask them about the polite.ini and the webtogo.ora files and what are their functions.
  • Asked them if they have used Partition Maps, Shared Maps, Cached Publication Items.  If they have used these, then there is a good chance that they have worked on a system with considerable amounts of data and that they probably have performed query tuning.
  • Ask them if they have used CONSPERF and what is it’s function.
  • If they have used Oracle Application Server (OAS), then ask them if they have set up a farm and to describe the process.  You may want to ask them what is the function of OPMN, but it’s not as important if they don’t know.  This question will demonstrate their expertise with OAS (But I think Oracle Lite will be using Weblogic starting release for the server).

If you do have an IT project that requires Oracle Lite as your solution, finding a good Oracle Lite resource with experience will be difficult but rewarding.


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