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Upgrading from Webtogo to OC4J

April 21st, 2008 · 1 Comment

Starting upgrading Webtogo to OC4J and here are my likes and dislikes so far:Likes:

  • Full J2EE compliance
  • Easier to develop and debug application code
  • I can specify different JVM from the one that is installed last.


  • Customized workspace is not supported (Although, I think I can get around that)
  • WTGJDBCDriver is doing some really, really weird things.
  • Session does not contain OraUserProfile object.  So, even if wanted to build my own connection string and not use the WTGJDBCDriver, I can’t.  I have an SR open for this now.
  • All the code is located on the file system and not embedded into webtogo.odb

I think once I get past the WTGJDBCDriver issue and the OraUserProfile issue, I think I will like the OC4J much better.  I will keep this post updated with my findings.


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  • 1 Niranjana wrote on Aug 10, 2010 at 5:59 am

    Hi Rekounas,

    I have come across the same WTGJdbcdriver issue while developing mobile application using OLite. I have posted the same in…. I hope that you may give me some valid suggestion regarding this. I am stuck in this error for past two weeks. It’s good that i could get an answer from your blog. But i could not understand completely. Can you please go through my post in the forum and clarify my doubt wen free??

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